I’ve been running my own business for nearly 10 years. It was September 2011 when I took the plunge and, on the first day of the school term, walked into my new office and thought “what do I do now?”

I had a dream to grow a successful business…but how would I do it?

So, what is the best decision I have made to help my business grow during those 10 years? It’s definitely joining the Entrepreneurs Circle, the largest organisation in the country that’s dedicated to helping businesses grow.

The Entrepreneurs Circle provides me a lot of things – it provides me with ideas and inspiration for my marketing, it provides me with lots of learning through videos, magazines and “how to” guides, and it provides support and accountability to actually implement those ideas.

But one of the most important things I get from the EC is a sense of community.

I’m a member of a group within the Entrepreneur Circle that meets every couple of months at EC HQ.

As well as helping each other on our businesses marketing and the other challenges we face as business owners, it’s actually the support we give each other that has been hugely, hugely helpful.

One of the members of my group who owns a travel business said to me, just a couple of weeks ago, that the last year has been the worst in her business life. She barely made a sale for months and months during the pandemic….but it’s our group that has kept her going. The support she’s received from the other members has been invaluable and her business is absolutely ready to bounce back.

And now we’re going to bring the Entrepreneurs Circle and its sense of community to Liverpool.

I’m very pleased that I will be the Local Ambassador for Liverpool, running meetings on a monthly basis from July.

These are a new type of Networking and Business Growth Meeting that are guaranteed to help your business grow.

These unique and very different events look set to become the highlight of the month, every month, for ambitious business owners in and around Liverpool.

There will be a chance to learn, a chance to link…and a chance to laugh. Yes – even accountants can have a bit of fun in a meeting!

Each meeting will include:

If you would like to come along, you do officially have to be a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle to attend the meetings.

But the great news is that the EC is currently offering a three month bursary, ie a chance to try it out for no fee.

The reason they’re doing this is they know that many people can’t really picture the support it gives until they have tried it. And, therefore, anybody’s welcome to take a three month bursary to see all the benefits, including the meetings.


If you’re not ready to commit to the bursary, that’s OK. As the Local Ambassador, I can invite you along to one meeting to take a look, with no obligations.

So, if you would like to come along, get in touch and I’ll book you on. I would love to see you there.

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