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Emily Hyde

Admin & Marketing Guru

Emily Hyde is the face and voice of JDA – she’ll greet you when you visit us or answer the phone if you ring. Emily makes sure our clients are happy, and she does the same for the team. She looks after the admin and marketing and makes sure everything runs smoothly at JDA. You will also find Emily out and about at networking events.

We caught up with Emily to find out a bit more about her.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to travel and experience new things, whether it’s to the other side of the world in Australia; working on a farm, to relaxing on idyllic beaches in Bali. Now being back home, I appreciate what England has to offer, exploring the countryside or historic towns and cities.

Where is your favourite place?

I have been to many places, but the most surprising and unique place was Vietnam. It was never on my list of places to go, but now I recommend it to everyone. Every place has something different to offer; Hoi An City being my favourite.

What is your favourite food and the food you dislike the most?

My favourite is Thai food, anything with a bit of a spice. And I love chocolate! For me Chilli con Carne is a really disappointing meal, maybe it’s how my mum made it; but its definitely put me off!

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself

When I was living in Australia, my sister and I joined a travelling carnival. I expected something completely different to the reality. Safe to say that I would never do that again.

What did you want to do when you were growing up?

I was a bit of an attention seeker when I was little, every time my dad got the video camera out, I would always be singing and dancing to the Spice Girls (and pushing my sisters out of the frame). Any time there was karaoke on holidays or days out I would have to be up on stage; that hasn’t really changed now!

Tell us about your role

I am the Admin and Marketing Supervisor – my role includes many different things. From Marketing to making sure that all the admin runs smoothly, assisting Jon, and also being the point of contact for all clients and making sure they are always happy.

What do you like about working at JDA

My favourite thing is definitely the team. They are great to work with and so easy to get on with both in and outside of the office. Alongside this, Jon really looks after his staff, and I feel that he and the team are extremely supportive, which excites me for my future within the company.