There are only three months left until Christmas, which gives you just 88 days to find some extra cash from your business to pay for those Christmas presents. So, what are our five fastest ways to find some cash from your business?

1 – Put Your Prices Up

You might think it’s easier said than done but it really is the quickest route to the cash. And, you know what? Most customers don’t mind a price rise……as long as you explain the value.

And, if you’re really worried, you could announce a price rise from 1 January and give your customers a chance to buy at the “old price” between now and then to bring in some cash now.

2 – Seasonal Offers

There are lots of holidays and occasions over the next few months. We’ve got Half-Term, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year. And that’s not including Black Friday! Many of these can be tied into an offer that you can make to your customers on your goods to bring some extra cash in quick.

Of course the key with any offer is that it actually makes you money! You might need a hefty discount to make it attractive, but you need to know your margins so you do still make a profit.

3 – Advent Calendar

When you get to the month of December, how about a Christmas advent calendar? You can have a different offer everyday just available for those 24 hours.

If you’re really smart, you can publicise this beforehand and tell people what the others are going to be on each day – your customers can even plan in advance and get ready to pounce on the offers.

Again – make sure you know your margins before offering discounts.

4 – Follow up, follow up, follow up

How many past customers have you not spoken to for a while? How many people have you done a quote for that haven’t yet replied?.

Why don’t you just go ahead and drop them a quick email to see if they still need your service?

5 – Get out and meet people

Sounds simple! Why not just get out and meet some people? It could be coffee with a contact or you could go along to a networking event.

If you really want to come along to a great event, why not come on and join me next Tuesday (3 October) at one of Liverpool’s best restaurants – Panoramic? I’ll be at an event where you can have a great three course meal with a lot of other business owners. If you’re interested, click on the link and I’d love to see you there

Please do you use some of these tips to put some extra cash in your bank account, ready to buy all your toys for Christmas.